Based on the firm belief that language is a living instrument whose aim is primarily for practical, everyday use, the methodology used is based mostly – but not exclusively – on a communicative approach.

This approach involves, on the part of the teacher, re-creating in class the same social and language setting of everyday life in the most natural and realistic way possible, while, on the part of the student, actively participating in the lesson. In this way the student listens to realistic dialogues, re-creates real-life scenarios, participates in lessons “on-the-road” – all in a dynamic, stimulating and mutually enriching environment.


With this approach the emphasis on communication comes in no way at the expense of a solid and equally important grammatical preparation – on the contrary – grammar by itself, however, is not sufficient for achieving fluency in a language. With our method the effective understanding and use of grammar follows as a natural consequence of continuous practical use of the language during the lesson.

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Italian Language Courses


Italian Language Courses